Hello world!

My name is Alex and I have a wide variety of interests. My posting is very infrequent and I really only do it when I feel the urge to share something with the world. Have fun reading my posts about music, books, movies, people, and the issues of being short.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Oh gosh I just saw this (I haven’t found a lot of time to go on here recently). I’m definitely going to answer those amazing questions though once I find the time!

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  1. Hey man. I am so glad to find a person who shares so much of my interests. Your username clearly suggests you are in the phandom. And fall out boy is one of my most favorite bands. Les mis is one of my most favorite books.


    1. Hi (and sorry for the late response)! I just saw this but it filled me with so much joy because “yes, someone who likes the so many of the same things as me!”


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