The Most Annoying Things People Do

Humans. We encounter them everyday, and there’s a very high chance that at least one of the people you encounter will annoy you. People do a lot of things that irritate us. Something might irk one person but not another and it depends from person to person. Since this is my blog, I shall talk about the three things that most annoy me.

  1. Arrogance

Everybody is arrogant, sometimes we can’t help it. But when people go out of their way to show off or talk about themselves and bash others, then it’s just obnoxious. To be honest, I don’t really care if you’re soo amazing at that game or can do that totally insane trick better than anyone in the whole wide world. All I want to know is that you can do what you’re supposed to when it’s the right time. It doesn’t even bother me when you talk about yourself. It’s only when you tell me over and over again that you’re better at something than me that it gets annoying. You can be self-confident while not putting others down.

  1. Lying

This one we can’t help. Lying is so present in our society that we barely acknowledge it anymore. Everyone lies and sometimes it can’t be helped. This goes back to arrogance; we want to be superior than others and by lying and bragging we can think we’re superior. Sometimes you need to lie, like when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. What I’m saying is, lie when appropriate and don’t when you don’t have to.

  1. Selfishness

We were all taught “sharing is caring” in elementary school. And somewhere between then and now, most of us have forgotten that. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish but when someone asks you nicely if they can have a piece of your food because they forgot to eat breakfast or if they can borrow a pen because they forgot theirs, then the right thing to do is give it to them. There are counters to this, though. Like if you only have one pen or you yourself forgot to eat breakfast. In this situation, you can just tell them this nicely because they will probably understand and ask someone else. Don’t just say “no” and walk away and deny them any explanation because they’re going to think you’re being rude for no reason. It’s not good to only think of yourself but it’s also good to know to say no.
Now I know that we can’t help doing these things (I do each of these a few times a day) but we could try to tone down the arrogance and be more self confident, or try to lie less.


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