Alex’s 20% Blog

April 26, 2017

The slideshow. How stressed you have made me. I have all the information I need (I’m pretty sure). It’s all on a slideshow. That I have to show in class either Thursday or Friday I’m not entirely sure. It’s taken a while but its almost done and I can add finishing touches during CCL.

April 21, 2017

I think I’ve been absent a lot, that’s probably why I have less blog posts than others. Oh well.

So today I really just looked through Google Scholar trying different key words and orders of words to find a good article for the biology part of the 20% project. I found one that’s really long so I kind of maybe sort of skimmed it (it’s 32 pages long, sue me). I got some information out of it but my brain kept wandering because, in my opinion, it’s written very sophisticatedly. I could barely keep my focus because of how it was written and the font size (its all so small).

I really need to start working on the slide show. Maybe I’ll do that sometime before Thursday next week.

March 31, 2017

Test Subject: Colin

Game: Tetris

Without music: not stressed

With Tetris music: annoyed

Random songs chosen by me: less stressed during the slower songs, more stressed during fast paced songs

At first I tried to get him to play Geometry Dash but it took too long and decided to just ditch that game, along with CS:GO (it takes a long time to play both).

Test Subject: Rilie

Game: Tetris

Without music: pretty calm

With Tetris music: annoyed

Random songs chosen by me: not stressed during the slower songs, slightly more stressed during the faster songs

That’s three test subjects, each with similar answers. I’d say that’s a win. I could use just those three for my data. Now I’ll need to research about the brain and it’s reaction to music (or something like that) D: .

March 26, 2017

Almost three hours. That’s how long I spent trying to get my experiment done with my mother. Geometry Dash was horrible. She couldn’t even finish the first play through without any sound so it didn’t work (maybe a game that just repeats itself wasn’t the best choice??). I couldn’t get any info from her play through because she only completed the tutorial and by the time she played the actual game (without checkpoints), she had given up on phone games forever. Next, CS:GO (I changed it from Insurgency). I showed her the controls and then let her practice for a bit offline with easy bots. She could barely walk around or shoot. She gave up after dying for the umpteenth time. So, I didn’t get any information from there either. In a last ditch effort, I opened Google Chrome and went to Tetris. This game was a success…sort of. My mom didn’t really understand the game that well but did the best she could. The results of the experiment were:

First play through (without music): Played about 6 minutes until she lost

Second play through (music from game): Played about 5 minutes until she lost

Third play through (I played songs from other video games at various times): Played about 7-8 minutes until she lost

First play through was calm, unstressful

Second play through, said “the music was distracting” (here is the link to the Tetris song if you’ve never heard it and are too lazy to look it up yourself-

Third play through I had a mix of very intense songs and laid back slow songs (all from various video games) (mostly Zelda). She said that when the very intense songs were playing, she messed up a lot. But, when the more soothing songs played, the improvement in game play, albeit small, was noticeable.

The reason I didn’t do this experiment sooner was because for the first week of break I was sick. Incredibly sick. The same sickness I had in my last blog post carried into the first week of break and I was miserable, could barely talk without coughing or sneezing and my bones ached. The second week of break everybody decided to leave the state/country, including my parents (without me). I tried to get my grandma to play a game but she could barely see the phone screen and when I mentioned shooting games (CS:GO) she immediately said no.

So, I spent three hours trying to teach my mother to play video games. Never again.

Wasn’t a good use of three hours? Maybe. But now I know that the only game feasible enough for others to play is Tetris and will use that in future experiments (if anybody bothers to actually participate when I ask them).

March 9, 2017

I’m not going to lie, I did not get much done this period. I am very sick so my headache and muscle pain is not helping me work effectively. I typed a survey for the participants of my experiment to fill out and I opened a document called “bio presentation” but no words come to mind. I have no idea where to start or what to even talk about, even after talking to Dr.C. Today is probably not the best day to try and get significant work done on my project because my sick-addled brain is unwilling to understand words at the moment. My goal from last week was not accomplished because everyone, including myself, is extremely busy and I am incredibly sick. Next week? I don’t know, maybe forcing people to sit and do my experiment? Or trying to write a presentation? I don’t know. This is not a very informative blog post but it is the best I could do.

February 16, 2017

Today was slightly more productive than days prior. I brainstormed some ideas for possible games I could get people to play and how I would make my experiment controlled. My ideas currently are:

GEOMETRY DASH (using level one only) (platform game)

  1. Let the person play through the practice round twice (both times without sound)
  2. First round without music (ask about their feelings)
  3. Second round with the music from the game (ask about their feelings)
  4. Third round with me playing different songs at different times (ask about their feelings)

INSURGENCY (maybe) (shooting game)

  1. Let the person play through the tutorial once and get a feel for the controls (without sound)
  2. Make the person play a round without any sound (ask about their feelings)
  3. Make the person play a round with the sound from the game on (ask about their feelings)
  4. Play songs from other games during different moments in the gameplay during the third round (ask about their feelings)

TETRIS (maybe) (puzzle game)

  1. Let the person play through one round to get a feel for it (without sound)
  2. Make the person play a round without any sound (ask about their feelings)
  3. Make the person play a round with the sound from the game (ask about their feelings)
  4. Play songs from other games during different moments in the gameplay during the third round (ask about their feelings)

These three games would allow me to see how different types of games make people feel and get a wider range of information. I have also been trying to figure out which songs I could play, for which game, and when in the game I could play it. I also tried to make a google forms for people to fill out but first I would need to see who in G period Biology would be open to participating in my experiment (it would be easier to perform the experiment with others who have G period biology because then I wouldn’t have to track anyone down).

My goal from last week was definitely accomplished and next week I would need to start rounding up people to participate in my experiment.

February 2, 2017

Today I did pretty much exactly what I did last week. I listened to more soundtracks from games and tried to figure out how GarageBand works (I still don’t understand how it works but hopefully I can get help from a classmate). Honestly I didn’t really have a goal. I’m really going into this project blind. Next week I might try and come up with an experiment I could do involving the music I’ve been looking at during these past two sessions.

January 26, 2017

Todays class was filled with me listening to a few songs from video games to get a feel for how they made me feel and what the difference between the relaxing songs sounded like to the scary songs that made me feel slightly scared. I also tried to look through some tracks on GarageBand but before I can start to make a soundtrack (maybe my final project?) I need to figure out what type of game I want to make a soundtrack to (there’s a big difference between the Zelda soundtrack and, say, Uncharted). I will probably start to look through more music to see how I can make a soundtrack in general and then go from their, figuring out a way to get people to be in an experiment for me and find games for them to play. I guess my goal for next week is to try and get GarageBand working and listen to more songs.

January 12, 2017

Today all I did in class was try to get back this blog post that somehow got deleted between last week and today. It was accomplished. That was really the only goal of the day. Next week I’ll probably try and find some music to play for people during the experiment.

January 6, 2017

I came up with a better idea for my 20% project! My new idea is to research how music in media such as games or movies affect how a person feels (in example: when music speeds up in an action movie in a fight scene or slows down when a character dies). I was thinking of doing some experiments with other people, asking them to play a game with the music off and then with the music on full blast. I would need to create a waiver for the group of people who want to participate to sign and make questions for them to answer. Some examples of questions:

•How did you feel after playing the game silently? Happy, bored, angry, stressed, etc.

•How did you feel after playing the game with the music on? Happy, stressed, bored, etc.

I would need to come up with more questions for better data but I will try to come up with those next time we do the project in class along with creating a waiver. This class I started to try and find links or books that could help bring a more scientific approach to how music affects a persons mood.

This class I also helped Tess by answering a few questions she had for her own project about sad movies/books/stories.

December 15, 2016

This session, I think I found an idea for the project. I don’t know if it’s possible but the idea was to make effective additions to Halo armour. I didn’t really have a goal for this class except to come up with an idea, which I did, but not a good one. I have no idea how to come up with an idea because there’s nothing I’m 100% passionate about enough to devote so much time to and talk about for ten minutes. My goal for the next session is to either start coming up with ideas for the armour or come up with a better idea which…I don’t think I can do.