Short People Problems Pt.2

Here is the second part of short people problems (only a few months late).

  1. People making fun of your height

People will tease, yes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It’s different when a short person calls themselves short than when anyone else calls them short. They don’t even have to say it out loud, their actions can hurt to. Like when someone taller than me uses me as an armrest or says that they feel short, it makes me mad. Because yes, I know that I’m short, but that doesn’t mean you can rub it in my face. And if you say you feel short, I’m warning right now, you may be attacked by a stampede of angry people 5’5 and under. Because you don’t fully understand how it feels to be shorter than everyone else. Sure, you may be shorter than some people, but you have to compare yourselves to that person or else people will get mad. Also, if a group of relatively short people are talking about feeling short, don’t try to relate. It makes us feel worse because you’re there, being all tall and stuff, and saying how you feel really short but you don’t even understand the half of it because you don’t have to live being told short jokes every five minutes.


  1. Wearing heels and still being super short

This also speaks for itself.


  1. Getting clothes tailored

I think this is something a lot of people can relate to. You go to a store, you find the perfect pair of jeans. Then, you try them on and they’re perfect…except for the fact that the pant leg is 5 inches too long. Now, I might be over exaggerating with saying 5 inches but you get my point. And it’s annoying. I want pants that fit in the leg so that I don’t need to pay even more money so that the pants can actually fit.

Now, putting aside all those problems that I had just mentioned, being short is actually pretty great and I have learned to embrace all the pros and cons of being the height I am.



5 thoughts on “Short People Problems Pt.2

  1. Well there’s the classic rude tall joke of asking them how the weather is up here. Society is told constantly to like and desire norms yet nobody is. For example I have unusually short limbs compared to my body, which means nothing ever fits properly.


    1. I’m sorry if I’m misinterpreting this but are you commenting about the struggles of being tall on a post about the struggles of being short?

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      1. My apologies, just annoyed by the general intolerance in society, whether its size, race, gender, or disability (in particular mental health). Its not right for the mainstream media to tell us that there should be a social norm, which is totally absurd because there’s no such thing as normal, yet they force on us this intolerance on nonconformism. They play on our insecurities so we end up spending more in an attempt to conform to this artificially constructed social norm.

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  2. Yay! Part two! Ugh the clothes thing is always annoying. I end up rolling most of my jeans because getting them all tailored would be too annoying (and expensive!) I agree with you at the end, though. I actually love being short most of the time. For one thing, I never have to complain about not having leg room!

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  3. I have never been able to just get a pair of pants without trying them on. It is super frustrating, and good on you for calling this out! Making short jokes, because of something a person can’t help – yeah, I just woke up this morning and decided to shrink a foot (not!) – is intolerant, and cruel, and so not necessary. Down with discrimination against height! We can’t determine it anymore than we can our natural eye/hair color, flesh tone, accent, or the shape of our nose. So just deal with it, people!

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